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    Project Number: 130.1001

    This program bundles the projects in which Mission 21 is involved in Ghana. They are geared towards a common goal, which strengthens the impact of the individual projects. By donating to the program, you enable your donation to flow into those projects where the money is most urgently needed. Over- or underfunding is thus avoided.

    Background information

    Ghana is one of the first countries to which the Basel Mission sent missionaries in 1828. The work of the Basel Mission in Ghana gave rise to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), today the oldest Christian church in the country. Mission 21 is still present in Ghana today by supporting health and education projects led by the PCG.

    PCG runs health centers, primary health care services, district hospitals, clinics and nursing schools. Although health insurance has been available in Ghana since 2005, by no means all people in rural regions have access to it. PCG health services are often the only way for poor patients to receive medical treatment. PCG health services are present in eight of Ghana's ten regions.

    PCG also runs two support programs for people with disabilities. These include workshops for the disabled, where manual skills are promoted and trained. In addition, the church is committed to the dialogue between Ghana's various religions in order to promote peace in the country.



    • 26.4 million inhabitants
    • 20% of the population live without health insurance.


    The project work in Ghana is the responsibility of the organization Evangelische Mission in Stuttgart (EMS) and co-financed by Mission 21.



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