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    Cooperation program India

    Project Number: 224.1001

    This program bundles all the projects in which Mission 21 is involved in India. They are geared towards a common goal, which strengthens the impact of the individual projects. By donating to the program, you enable your donation to flow into those projects in India where the money is most urgently needed. Over- or underfunding is thus avoided.

    Background information

    India is a lively, but also a contradictory country. The social contrasts are becoming ever stronger. Cultural, social and religious diversity make up the richness of the subcontinent, but also create great challenges. Girls in particular often lead a difficult life in India. If the economic situation in a family is difficult, they are often the ones who are no longer allowed to go to school.

    Mission 21 supports projects that aim, among other things, to promote girls at school. Theological training and the examination of social problems prepare young adults to deal with the upheavals in their country. This is done, for example, at the Karnataka Theological College (KTC). Here, the classical theological training subjects are linked with social and sociopolitical issues. For example, the confrontation between tradition and modernity, religious tolerance and HIV are dealt with. These activities are part of the "Practical Learning" project. 

    In girls' homes supported by Mission 21, girls receive a good education, which opens up new perspectives for them. The girls come from Christian, Hindu and Muslim families. The girls' homes are part of the project "Protection and Promotion of Indian Girls."


    • 1.3 billion inhabitants
    • Land area of 3,287,263 km2


    The EMS (Evangelical Mission in Solidarity) is responsible for the projects. Mission 21 participates financially.


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