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    Education for Social Change, Peace and Development in South Sudan

    Project Number: 179.1015

    South Sudanese society is to be united, conflicts must be resolved and peaceful coexistence must be shaped. Education is an important element in advancing the peace process in South Sudan. The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS), a partner church of Mission 21, operates the Nile Theological College (NTC) as an educational institution and thus makes a contribution. It offers comprehensive theological education that reflects on pressing social issues and develops possible solutions.

    Background information

    Churches and pastors play an important role in South Sudan. This is partly due to historical reasons, as they already offered social services and humanitarian aid in the past. Their importance is still great. Against the background of the recent violent conflicts in South Sudan, the church is particularly challenged.

    Mission 21 and its partner church PCOSS are convinced that faith can play a central role for development and peace in the country. High-quality theological education and training is a key element for this. Therefore, the PCOSS considers the promotion of its theological training institution, the Nile Theological College (NTC), as one of its central tasks. After graduation, pastors take on a pioneering role in their congregations and make a significant contribution to social change. They also play an important role in the process of reconciliation and healing.

    Originally founded in Khartoum, Sudan, in 1992, Nile Theological College offers university-level instruction. It has official government recognition and is open to students of all Southern Sudanese denominations. The NTC trains not only leaders for churches, but also teachers.

    Project goals

    Training in theology teaches biblical ethics and thus contributes to peaceful coexistence in the war-torn country. Nile Theological College offers a strong peace-building component in addition to theological education. Graduates will hold important positions in the church and community, expected to engage with social issues in a critical and reflective manner.

    Target group

    The Nile Theological College is open to members of all South Sudanese churches. Scholarships are awarded primarily to female students.


    • Two-year diploma course in theology
    • Three-year Bachelor in Theology
    • Educational opportunities for students' spouses and partners
    • Complementary activities for students and faculty for spiritual growth and social cohesion.
    • Peacebuilding and reconciliation work
    • Scholarships

    Project progress

    How does one conduct university theological education in a country in the midst of war? This is a question that those responsible at the NTC have had to ask themselves again and again in recent years. The introduction of a new course in social ethics has proven to be a trend-setter. The course addresses the country's current serious problems and provides strategies for solutions and action. In this way, the church is trying to live up to its social responsibility and provide adequately trained leaders.

    In recent years, the NTC has been able to re-establish itself in the capital city of Juba after fleeing the city of Malakal. While in 2015 there were only 18 students (no female) enrolled, in 2021 there are 86 students (including 10 female students) . NTC was able to move to a larger building in early 2020, allowing them to operate more efficiently. They also have better classrooms and stable internet. During COVID19, internet sessions were offered more frequently and in the second semester, the situation on site has calmed down again and all courses are taking place regularly.


    South Sudan

    • Around 11 million inhabitants
    • 4.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes since 2013 - education is an important element in promoting peace
    • A total of about 25,000 people are enrolled as students in South Sudan


    Project budget 2024

    CHF 34'500

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