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South Sudan

In South Sudan, one focus of Mission 21's work is peacebuilding. In addition, Mission 21, together with its partner church, supports the population with projects for better schooling and vocational training as well as in the area of food sovereignty.

Building peace in the midst of war

Peacebuilding is central to the current situation in South Sudan: Since 2013, South Sudan has been ravaged by a severe conflict that has come to a head again in 2016. Up to 500,000 lives have been lost so far in the civil war that broke out in the world's youngest state at the end of 2013. Some 4.2 million inhabitants are on the run from attacks, massacres, rape and destruction.

A peace treaty was concluded in September 2018. Now it is time to implement it at all levels. Peacebuilding and reconciliation work are more important than ever. Churches play an important role in bringing about reconciliation in the divided society. Mission 21 supports the engagement of its partner church, the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS), as well as the South Sudan Federation of Churches. Project work promotes the building of non-violent and just relationships across ethnic and religious lines. Trauma and reconciliation work helps people deal with what they have experienced without reacting with renewed violence.

Famine torments people

As a result of the power struggle, man-made famine is increasing the misery in many parts of the country. Some regions are severely affected by drought, but the government is obstructing the work of international organizations in these regions. Inflation is high, but food has not become cheaper, so people can barely afford basic necessities. State structures have largely collapsed, including educational and health facilities. After more than 40 years of civil war, the people of South Sudan want nothing more than to finally live in peace.

Action plan for peace

Mission 21 supports the peace engagement of its partner church, the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS), as well as the South Sudan Federation of Churches (SSCC), which launched the "Action Plan for Peace" in 2016. The Action Plan for Peace is a nationwide initiative of the churches. It may be the last chance for peace and new development in South Sudan.

Education for the future

Our partner church, the Presbyterian Church of Southern Sudan (PCOSS), originally based in the heavily affected Greater Upper Nile region, acts where its church members are - even if they have had to flee to other parts of the country. The refugees are mainly located in the capital Juba and in refugee camps around the South Sudanese border. With impressive flexibility, the church has resumed its projects there. It is providing aid with great commitment, especially in peace, reconciliation and trauma work and in education, but also in food sovereignty or in training midwives and pastors as future pastors and peace ambassadors.

The belief in peace and reconstruction

The South Sudan Federation of Churches (SSCC), with its seven large member churches and inter-church bodies, reaches people everywhere in the country, including at the grassroots level. The churches are the only institution that still enjoys the trust of the population and conveys the example of a life of unity and reconciliation through congregational and project work. In this way, our partner churches make a significant contribution to ensuring that the people of South Sudan do not give up and lose faith in peace and the strength for reconstruction.

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Guliba Florence Hakim

Coordinator South Sudan
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Dorina Waldmeyer

Program Officer South Sudan
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