South Sudan, Education

    Program development and coordination in South Sudan

    Project Number: 179.1011

    To ensure that the commitment of Mission 21's partners in South Sudan has the desired effect, the partner organizations are trained in the area of organizational and personnel development. There is a particular need for training and further education in the area of project and program management (planning, reporting and accounting). The coordination office carries out further training measures with the local project managers and accompanies and advises them in their work.

    Background information

    Mission 21's partner organizations take on a variety of social challenges. They carry out trauma and reconciliation work, are committed to building schools, training teachers, promoting maternal health, communicable disease education and sustainable food sovereignty. By coordinating all the program's activities, Mission 21 makes an important contribution on the ground. The coordination office strengthens the skills of those responsible for the project and the partner organizations as a whole, forms a bridge between the actors on the ground and Mission 21 in Basel, and contributes to networking. It advises the partner organizations on questions of organizational and personnel development and supports them in the implementation of their projects.

    Project goals

    The coordination has a bridging function between the partner organizations in South Sudan and Mission 21 in Basel. The main objectives are to ensure the flow of information, program management, capacity development for the partners and networking.

    Target group

    The coordination works with Mission 21's partner organizations working in and on South Sudan (see below).


    • Program management (planning, monitoring and evaluation)
    • Relationship building with and support for partner organizations, especially in "capacity development", i.e. further development of skills needed for the work
    • Networking
    • Public Relations

    Project progress

    Mission 21 has been connected with its partner church in South Sudan since the early 1970s. It was and is a matter of course for Mission 21 not to leave their side even in times of civil war. In addition to the suffering that the war brings to the people of South Sudan, it also makes program work considerably more difficult. A major challenge for work on the ground is the low level of education among the majority of South Sudanese as a result of the war and the lack of education available. Both problems make it all the more necessary to offer courses, advice and networking to partner organizations.

    In 2021 and 2022, the focus was on gender equity. The partners were shown in training sessions how to implement and plan gender-responsive projects. In addition, our partners were sensitized in the area of PSEAH "Prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment". 

    This especially helps PCOSS to build a better structure and recruit trained staff as well as adhere to international standards.

    For professional monitoring, a MEAL Officer has enriched our coordination office since September 2022.


    South Sudan

    • About 11 million inhabitants
    • Land area of 644,329 km²
    • 73% of people can not read and write

    Project budget 2024

    CHF 198'283

    csm florence hakim 2 3 0b1791bb9d

    Guliba Florence Hakim

    Coordinator South Sudan
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    Jacqueline Brunner

    Responsible church partnerships;
    Responsible legacies and bequests

    Tel. 061 260 23 37
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    mg 8598

    Dorina Waldmeyer

    Program Officer South Sudan
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 58
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