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    South Sudan, Peacebuilding

    Women in South Sudan: Promotion for an active and self-determined life

    Project Number: 179.1028

    The people of South Sudan have suffered from civil war, conflict and violent conflict for almost 70 years. In the process, the population suffers in different ways. Men die as soldiers, have to flee, become victims and perpetrators at the same time. Women have a different role in the conflict. They try to keep the family together, to provide for them and at the same time to get money for the family and for the education of their children. Become the head of the family all at once, and in a country where a woman's voice has long been historically and culturally irrelevant. The project focuses on promoting equal rights for women, in leadership positions, but also in education and business, and overcoming violence against women.

    Background information

    In 2011, following the split from the Muslim north, the majority of South Sudan's population (60%) embraced Christianity. Since then, the country has tried to shed its Muslim past as much as possible, for example by abandoning Arabic as the official national language. Culturally, however, there are many deeply rooted traditions that are not so easy to shake off, such as child marriage and the bride price. This is especially widespread in rural areas. Women's rights and girls' development are often neglected or not prioritized, and so young girls in particular are married off because the family needs the bride-price money to survive. The fact that gender justice is central to the development of a country and to poverty reduction is not yet perceived either at the leadership levels of local organizations or at the government level. Including women in higher positions as well as women in decision-making processes strengthens the process and is more sustainable. Peace processes in which women have participated and assumed responsibilities have been shown to be more sustainable. This is partly because the process has been approached more holistically and is not a process from a male perspective.

    Over 52% of women in South Sudan are married before they reach their majority. Overall, it is estimated that over 80% of women have already experienced gender-based violence. This includes:

    • Rape
    • sexual assault (also within marriage)
    • physical assaults
    • Forced marriage
    • Child marriage
    • Denial of resources, opportunities (e.g., education, employment, services, health care including contraception), and human rights
    • Mental and emotional abuse

    Project goals

    The empowerment of women and girls in all areas. This includes a safe space to exchange ideas, to comfort each other, to build themselves up and to be able to talk about and process what they have experienced. Furthermore, we support them in building up an economic income and in their desire for education.

    Target group

    Marginalized Women and Girls in South Sudan.


    • A safe environment for sharing, tips and life:
    • Overcoming violence through support and conversation.
    • Educating women's rights.
    • Support for educational aspirations.
    • Support to generate income.

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    South Sudan

    11 million inhabitants

    63.6% of population under 24 years old

    52% of women in South Sudan were forcibly married before their 18th birthday


    Project budget 2024

    CHF 41'860

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    Dorina Waldmeyer

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