The emergency aid program in Cameroon is up and running

The emergency relief and reconstruction program was launched in cooperation with the United Nations to bring comprehensive and sustainable aid to the suffering population. This program is now underway on the ground. Relief supplies are being distributed to those affected. This work is proving difficult because transport to the refugees is very risky for drivers and aid workers. The central government's army is patrolling the streets to get the situation under control. In the process, the soldiers also shoot indiscriminately.

General Conference of Anglophones failed

Martin Witmer, a former international staff member of Mission 21 in Cameroon, describes in his current report the attempt to organize a conference between the parties to the conflict. Various representatives of religious communities have tried to organize an Anglophone General Conference. The former archbishop of Duala, Cardinal Tumi, was particularly active in this regard. The plan failed, however, because of differing ideas among the intended participants.

Exacerbation of the situation is feared

Two factors give rise to fears that the situation could worsen at the beginning of October. On the one hand, the presidential election will be held on October 7. A week earlier, October 1, marks the anniversary of the proclamation of independence for the two Anglophone provinces. Separatists had announced the secession of the provinces from Cameroon as an independent state of "Ambazonia" on October 1, 2017. Martin Witmer writes in his report, "The assessment of many observers is that the situation will worsen again."

Text: Christoph Rácz

Photo: Angelika Weber

► Detailed report on the situation of Martin Witmer

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