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DR Congo

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mission 21 supports the population with numerous projects for better education and health. The area of food sovereignty is also important. The commitment is mainly concentrated in the province of Kwango in the southwest of the DR Congo. Other projects are located in the capital Kinshasa.

Better health for the rural population

The province of Kwango, where Mission 21 works, is particularly remote and has no economic importance for the state. The population feels abandoned and largely migrates to the poverty-stricken districts of Kinshasa. There is a lack of funds for the construction and maintenance of roads. Depending on the season and the condition of the roads, it is only possible to get around on foot. In medical emergencies, this can have serious consequences.

Hospitals and health centers

Mission 21 is working to improve basic health care in the Kwango. Mission 21's most important partner organization in the DR Congo is the Evangelical Church in the Kwango (Communauté Évangelique du Kwango - CEK). It has created a network of 20 health facilities in the Kwango region. This consists of six hospitals, two health centers and twelve outpatient clinics.

Better nutrition and income

Mission 21 also supports projects of the partner church in the area of food sovereignty. Their aim is to enable the rural population to eat healthily and earn an additional income. Practice-oriented courses in agriculture, nutrition and the environment provide farmers with the relevant expertise.

Focus on education

Women and young people in particular are supported with educational opportunities. In many areas, the primary school system only functions thanks to the initiative of churches like the CEK. Mission 21's partner church runs a total of over 200 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the province of Kwango and in the city of Kinshasa. It is also committed to the construction and maintenance of schools and to further training for teaching staff in order to promote quality education.

Partner on site

Our partner church CEK has over 70,000 members and is committed to a more dignified life in the province of Kwango and in the poor neighborhoods of Kinshasa. The non-governmental organization ACCOJED works for children and young people at risk in a neighborhood of Kinshasa that is particularly affected by poverty and juvenile delinquency.

Constant exchange and cooperation with the partner organizations and the project managers ensure that the projects meet the needs of the people on the ground.

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Vera Schaffer

Program Manager DR Congo
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