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    DR Congo, Education
    Gender Equity

    Empowering women in Kwango and in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Kinshasa

    Project Number: 197.1808

    Women are empowered through a holistic approach: women in leadership positions receive support, are given career prospects and receive psychological support. The project aims to promote women's autonomy by enabling them to acquire agroecological knowledge and grow maize, soy, peanuts and other products independently, as well as sell some of them or process them into long-life products. Women are also given the opportunity to generate their own income by completing vocational training. The Women's Federation also provides emergency aid for malnourished children and adults.

    Background information

    Despite progress in certain areas of social life and legislation, discrimination against women in the DRC remains very high. This can be seen, for example, in their underrepresentation in political positions and their lack of access to higher education and the labor market.

    Most of the work falls on the shoulders of women and there is little financial autonomy. More than 90 percent of agricultural work is done by women. However, they hardly have access to land. In addition, they are largely responsible for looking after the children, fetching firewood and water and cooking. Although women bring more money into the household than men, they have little say in how the money is spent.

    Project goals

    The Women's Federation promotes knowledge of agroecology and income-generating measures through agricultural production and seeds. The Women's Federation increases the chances of young women on the labor market through a two-year vocational training. In addition, the women address the problem of malnutrition in the Kwango and support affected children and their families.

    Target group

    The direct participants in the activities of the Women's Federation are marginalized and needy women and girls in the province of Kwango and in some marginalized communities of Kinshasa. These associations are made up of women from the partner church CEK and women from the surrounding villages who are not members of CEK. The family members and all those who benefit from the agricultural produce benefit indirectly. The family members of the women participating in the activities and all those who benefit from the agricultural produce benefit indirectly.


    Food Sovereignty

    • In practical courses, women farmers learn how to improve their own seeds and maintain the local diversity of plant varieties.
    • Women farmers receive training in agroecological farming.
    • As income-generating measures, small animal and cattle breeding are promoted in various villages.

    Vocational training

    • In three training centers, young women receive training as seamstresses and bakers.

    Campaign work on gender equality

    • Women are empowered to claim their rights through information on their economic rights and gender-based violence through radio and community talks.

    Humanitarian aid against malnutrition

    • Center for Malnourished Children and Women in Kasongo Lunda
    • Further education and training for women in the field of malnutrition

    Project progress

    The Women's Association project has been an independent project again since 2022. The activities that were previously carried out in cooperation with the Schools for All project, the agricultural project and the health project will be continued. The Women's Federation's vocational training is carried out independently, with women and girls able to train as seamstresses, bakers and housekeepers. In 2023, 28 apprentices successfully completed their training. In addition, 200 girls and young women were trained in the area of domestic violence.


    DR Congo

    • 99 million inhabitants
    • More than 90% of agricultural activities are performed by women
    • Over 90% of the population in Kwango province are engaged in agriculture

    Project budget 2024

    CHF 77'625

    mg 8652

    Vera Schaffer

    Program Manager DR Congo
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    Jacqueline Brunner

    Responsible Church Partnerships

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