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    DR Congo, Health

    Health: basic care for the population

    Project Number: 197.1817

    This project supports a network of twenty health facilities in hard-to-reach villages in Kwango Province. The network is managed by the partner church CEK and currently consists of three hospitals, six health centers and eleven outpatient clinics. The main focus of the project is to provide basic health care to the population. One focus is on improving the infrastructure. Prevention work and education of the people is mainly carried out by health advisors anchored in the village. They are specially trained for their tasks and accompanied by the CEK health service. Another focus of the project is to improve the availability of medicines in the region.

    Background information

    Kwango Province, one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is located in the southwest of the country on the border with Angola. The villages can only be reached via poorly maintained sand roads and tracks. The region is therefore affected by widespread poverty. Very few families are able to access the expensive health services in the urban centers. The majority rely on the simple outpatient clinics and health centers, most of which are supported by church institutions in Congo. The health service of the partner church CEK is active in the district of Kasongo-Lunda, where it works closely with the state health authorities. The population in the Kwango suffers mainly from four health problems: Malaria, respiratory diseases, diarrhea and malnutrition. Education and prevention are important measures to curb these diseases.

    Project goals

    The CEK health service offers affordable treatment to people in hard-to-reach regions of Kwango Province, promotes the availability of medicines and carries out important prevention work. In addition, the project improves the infrastructure of health facilities and provides further training for medical staff.

    Target group

    The CEK health service is open to all people. Its health facilities cover basic medical care for around 67,000 people. More than 90 percent of the population is affected by severe poverty.


    Ensuring access to primary health care for about 100,000 people:

    • Ensuring the supply of medicines (through purchasing and expansion of production)
    • Renewal and improvement of infrastructure of health facilities; this includes a water supply system for the village of Matamba-Solo, toilets and showers for the hospitals, and solar panels.
    • Further training of the staff to improve the quality of medical services

    Strengthening preventive medicine to combat common diseases and malnutrition:

    • Vaccinations of women and children
    • Preschool examinations, prenatal and postnatal examinations
    • Training of health animators from the different communities and health centers on issues related to diseases and malnutrition and their prevention.
    • Awareness campaigns in the field of malaria and HIV-AIDS, diarrheal diseases and other communicable diseases.
    • Psychological support

    Collaboration with schools:

    • Training of teachers in sexuality education and training of school children as multipliers in this area.

    Project progress

    In total, the health centers can ensure access to basic medical care for 100,000 people. All 20 facilities of the project are functioning. The medicine purchases financed by Mission 21 could also be realized this year (2023) as planned and also the own medicine production could be continued. The hospital in Wamba Luadi could be supplied with a new solar system. This means that the hospital's equipment, which had not worked for years because there was hardly any electricity, can now be put back into operation.

    In addition, toilets and showers were added to the hospital in Kisiama. In August 2023, 11 doctors of the CEK were trained, who will pass on what they have learned as multipliers.

    The project car acquired in 2022 will allow the health facilities to be inspected again as planned by the project manager, Hugo Mambote.


    DR Congo

    • 92 million inhabitants
    • 92.5% of families in Kwango region experience severe poverty
    • 11.9% of deaths from diarrheal diseases.

    Project budget 2024

    CHF 241,500

    mg 8652

    Vera Schaffer

    Program Manager DR Congo
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    Jacqueline Brunner

    Responsible Church Partnerships

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