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In the Palestinian territories, Mission 21 is active in the field of education. The as yet unresolved Middle East conflict regularly causes tensions within the West Bank. Minorities are often particularly hard hit by this. For example, people with disabilities. The number of social institutions in the Palestinian territories is not very high. Mission 21 therefore supports the "Sternberg" rehabilitation center near Ramallah, Palestine.

Integration of people with disabilities

Many families with disabled family members feel on their own. At the "Sternberg" center, social workers, physiotherapists and art therapists support the families and the affected children and young people. Muslim and Christian employees work peacefully together in the center.

Individual promotion

In the "Sternberg" each person is individually supported and, if possible, provided with educational and professional qualifications. The attached sheltered workshop and agriculture enable young people with impairments to find a suitable job.

A life in dignity

The services offered by the "Sternberg" are open to everyone, regardless of their religious affiliation. The center also works to raise awareness of the rights and needs of disabled fellow human beings. The "Sternberg" center is a recognized pioneer of special education in Palestine. With its services, "Sternberg" contributes to the increased implementation of the human right to inclusion and participation in society in Palestine as well.

Professional support through Mission 21

The "Sternberg" center was formerly a leprosy center established by Herrnhut nurses. Today, the worldwide Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine (Moravian Church) runs the center as a joint venture under the auspices of Herrnhuter Missionshilfe e.V. in Germany. Mission 21 works closely with its partners and guarantees them professional support. The development on site is accompanied by domestic and foreign professional staff.

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