CMP, Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán

The Centro de la Mujer Peruana (CMP) Flora Tristán is a feminist organization that was founded in 1979 as a non-profit civil association. It works in the following four fields of action: Women's human rights, sexual rights and civil rights in health, feminist research and debate, and rural development. The CMP Flora Tristán has consultative status with the UN and writes annual reports for the UN on the situation of women's rights in Peru.

The aim of the CMP is to promote the political rights and social equality of women and thus a democratic society in which no one is discriminated against. To this end, the CMP Flora Tristán works to strengthen women's political participation and freedom of expression. It formulates and negotiates legal reforms and concerns in public policy, monitors government programs and the administration to achieve strategic goals for women. In addition, the CMP is the only non-profit organization in Peru that advises the police and state women's shelters, particularly in the area of legal and psychosocial support for victims of human trafficking and sexual and gender-based violence.

With the support of Mission 21, CMP Flora Tristán is committed to promoting women farmers in the department of Cusco. On the one hand, CMP Flora Tristán works to raise awareness by holding various workshops on the prevention of violence in all its various dimensions (psychological, physical and sexual violence, but also human trafficking). On the other hand, CMP Flora Tristán also works to empower women from rural Cusco in the area of sustainable agriculture and income generation. In this way, the CMP empowers women from rural areas in the context of climate change and water scarcity for strategic negotiations with the regional government of Cusco.

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Golda Fuentes

Program & Team Leader Latin America
Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 69
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