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The Protestant Faculty of Yaoundé is an ecumenical institution and part of the PUCA, Protestant University of Central Africa with faculties in various departments. Since 1961, it has been educating Reformed, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Adventist and Catholic theology students from a wide variety of countries and churches throughout Francophone Africa. In this way, it makes an important contribution not only to the development of the individual churches, but also to theological exchange and ecumenical dialogue throughout the region. The faculty offers four training courses to its approximately 150 students. For some years now, there has also been a two-year theological training program for lay people who wish to become better qualified for church work.

The goals of the formation are the promotion of Christian unity, interreligious cooperation and ecumenical research to meet the challenges of the life of the Church. Cameroon society is marked by conflicts, especially in the Anglophone regions. In the global context, it is the ecological crisis that poses great challenges to the whole society. PUCA is responding to this by working with the Faculty of Medicine to make "trauma healing" a core area of training for future theologians. The population of the Anglophone regions, traumatized by civil war-like confrontations and fleeing in large numbers to the capital Yaoundé, will benefit from this knowledge. In addition, an "eco-theology" program has been developed that addresses the topics of agronomy, ecology and theology in theory and practice in an interdisciplinary manner.

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