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    Program development and coordination in Cameroon

    Project Number: 134.1070

    The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) is the largest Reformed church in West Africa. It is involved in the education and health sectors, in HIV work, in the training of craftsmen and women, and in fair trade. This commitment contributes to improving the living and working conditions of the population, especially in English-speaking Cameroon, where a conflict with the francophone central government has been escalating since 2016. Mission 21 is making an important contribution through its local coordination. The local coordinator, Lumumba Mukong, supports the project leaders and partner organizations and coordinates humanitarian aid with churches, international and local NGOs. The coordination helps with networking and connects the local actors and Mission 21 in Basel.

    Background information

    In order for the commitment of Mission 21's partners in Cameroon to have the desired effect, the organizational and personnel development of the partner organizations play a central role. There is a need for training and further education in the area of project and program management (planning, reporting and accounting). Our colleague Lumumba Mukong coordinates the country program in Cameroon and regularly conducts training for the project managers of the partner organizations. These are the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (PCC), the Protestant University in Central Africa (PUCA), "Aid International Christian Women of Vision" (AIChrisWoV) and the Emmanuel Sisters, as well as the projects of the former Stucki Foundation. In addition, there are the partner organizations in emergency aid that work on a mandate basis. In addition to the Baptist Church (CBC), these include a number of local non-governmental organizations.

    It is central for Mission 21 partners to know about the work of other international organizations and to cooperate with them. The Mission 21 coordinator does important networking work to promote mutual learning and exchange processes and to enable synergies. One of the main tasks is the coordination of the ecumenical emergency aid program for the many internally displaced persons since the escalation of the political situation in the Anglophone provinces of the country.

    Project goals

    The aim of the project is to increase the impact of the projects in Cameroon. It also develops capacities in the partner organizations and strengthens networking between different actors. The coordinator Lumumba Mukong forms a bridge between the partner organizations in Cameroon and Mission 21 in Basel. This improves the flow of communication and program management. Mission 21 can thus respond more specifically to the needs of the people on the ground, especially in the current political crisis, which has led to a large number of internally displaced persons since 2016.  

    Target group

    The coordination office works together with the partner organizations of Mission 21:

    • Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC)
    • PUCA
    • AI-ChrisWoV
    • Emmanuel Sisters and the projects of the former Stucki Foundation
    • In addition to these organizations, the CBC (Cameroon Baptist Convention) and seven local non-governmental organizations are also involved in the emergency aid program.


    The scope of the coordination office primarily includes the following activities:

    • Program management (planning, monitoring and evaluation)
    • Relationship management with and support for partner organizations, especially in capacity building
    • Networking, public relations and guest relations
    • Ensuring the flow of communication between Cameroon and Switzerland
    • Coordination of the ecumenical program Humanitarian action

    Project progress

    The local coordinator Lumumba Mukong took up his duties in April 2016. Since then, numerous processes have been initiated that increase the impact of Mission 21's work in Cameroon. Thanks to the coordinator, the projects in the major areas of health, education, theological training and emergency aid are better coordinated and synergies are made possible. Thanks to these activities, donations can be used even more efficiently and sustainably. In addition, there is participation in international committees and organizations, for example in the regional forum of ACT Alliance. The official registration of Mission 21 as an international organization with the Cameroonian government has strengthened our networking activities.



    • 26.5 million inhabitants
    • 61,000 people were reached by Mission 21's emergency relief program by the end of 2020.


    Project budget 2024

    CHF 177'600


    Jacqueline Brunner

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    Angelika Weber

    Program manager Cameroon and Nigeria
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