PCC, Presbyterian Church in Cameroon

The Basel Mission (today Mission 21) has been active in Western Cameroon since 1886. The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) became independent in 1957, before Cameroon's declaration of independence. Since then, it has been self-supporting in most sectors of its work.

Today, the PCC is the largest Protestant denomination in English-speaking West Africa. It has around 1.5 million members spread across 31 church districts, mostly in the Anglophone regions, but also in the French-speaking part of Cameroon. The diverse life in the parishes is characterized by church movements, committed women's and men's groups, youth work and the many different choirs.

The great importance of the church as a force shaping society is also expressed in the extensive school system: with preschool facilities, primary and secondary schools, and a teachers' college. In the area of health, the church operates various hospitals, special clinics and health centers. To create job opportunities, young people are trained in commercial enterprises; additional vocational training is offered by the youth centers. The rural population is served by a program that provides local advice to farmers as well as centralized courses at the agricultural training center. Theologians are trained at the Kumba Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The PCC is an important voice in national and international ecumenical bodies.

During the current crisis in the Anglophone regions, the PCC is an important factor both in advocacy for a peaceful solution and in humanitarian aid for those suffering from the conflict, which is coordinated by Mission 21. In addition to humanitarian aid, Mission 21 works closely with the PCC on all three core issues (health, income generation and theological education). 

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