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    Secured livelihoods through education in Cameroon

    Project Number: 134.1006

    The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) is involved in social areas neglected by the state, such as education, healthcare and combating youth unemployment. The PCC runs youth centers where young people are supported in their development. Women and men can attend literacy courses or receive help in setting up small businesses to improve their income. Young people and internally displaced persons receive training in PCC enterprises. In the current political conflict situation, education is a key to the further development of society.

    Background information

    The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) has around 1.5 million members. The backbone of its work are the women's, youth and men's groups. They help to actively shape social life and overcome challenges. As a result of the political crisis in the Anglophone part of the country, corruption and the critical macroeconomic situation, the situation has deteriorated for all sections of society.

    More than 40 percent of the population is younger than 15. Schools have been functioning unreliably or not at all for about six years. Church youth programs can nevertheless provide young people with prospects. Continuing education programs open up professional opportunities and improve daily living conditions and also involve internally displaced persons. Women in Cameroon bear the main responsibility for the family. In the current crisis situation, solidarity among women is needed. The organization WEELP (Women's Economic Empowerment and Literacy Programme) as part of the "Christian Women Fellowship" (CWF) improves the position of women in the male-dominated structures in church and society.

    Project goals

    • Women, young people and men are supported through education and training. They are able to bring their knowledge back to the PCC, work on behalf of those in need and thus serve society.
    • Women's self-confidence and social role are strengthened so that they can actively participate in political and social life.
    • IDPs are included in PCC activities.

    Target group

    Members within and outside the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon from all sectors and strata of society, as well as internally displaced persons.


    • Young people are supported in their development, enabling them to build independent lives for themselves. This takes place at youth centers, through training and a wide-ranging program that emphasizes personal initiative and responsibility.
    • Young people are given the opportunity of an apprenticeship in companies of the PCC and in a carpentry workshop of the former Stucki Foundation.
    • Women and men receive economic support through training and income-generating projects. Through joint activities, they also become aware of their social responsibility.
    • Women learn to network, share knowledge and work together in cooperatives.
    • Literacy courses and other continuing education measures improve the economic situation of women.
    • IDPs are included in the activities.
    • The offerings of the PCC provide opportunities for people of different ages, ethnicities and walks of life to meet.

    Project progress

    All the groups involved were able to benefit from the activities. Many young people have acquired knowledge, for example in the IT field, which creates a good starting point for their professional and private development. The activities of the church's women's work led to a strengthening of women and their concerns. The WEELP project organizes further training for women of all denominations, for example literacy, bookkeeping and agriculture. This gives women a voice in church and society that can no longer be ignored. At the same time, poverty and economic dependence could be fought. During the political crisis, these activities will be continued as far as possible. Decentralization of the projects also helps to reach internally displaced persons and provide them with assistance.



    • 26.5 million inhabitants
    • Land area of 475,442 km2


    Project budget 2024

    CHF 109'867



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