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    Cooperation Program Nigeria

    Project Number: 162.1001

    In the cooperation programme, all Mission 21 Nigeria projects are bundled and geared towards a common goal in order to strengthen the impact of the individual projects. The individual projects in the areas of education, peacebuilding and humanitarian aid support local people in the challenges they face. By donating to the cooperation programme, you make it possible to support those projects in Nigeria's Borno, Adamawa and Plateau States where the money is most urgently needed. This reduces over- or underfunding.

    Background information

    With 219 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous African country and also has the largest economy in Africa. But the country faces a variety of challenges. The jihadist organization Boko Haram, which operates mainly in the northeast, has been carrying out attacks on villages, towns and civilians since 2009, destroying houses, churches, schools, stores, wells and fields, destroying crops, abducting and killing women, men and children. Those who can flee the attacks. Around 12.5 million people in the greater region around Lake Chad are affected by the crisis this has triggered and are in need of humanitarian aid.

    In Nigeria alone, more than 2.45 million people are displaced. Many of the displaced are unable to return to their home villages even after years due to ongoing insecurity. In addition, the country faces a new wave of inter-ethnic and inter-religious violence, as well as nationwide banditry involving assaults and kidnappings for ransom. Widespread poverty and unemployment, low education levels, and environmental problems are other challenges facing the population. In this context, Mission 21 and its local partners in Nigeria pursue projects in the areas of humanitarian aid, education and livelihoods, and peacebuilding. 

    Program Goals

    • The survival of people affected by humanitarian disasters is ensured and living conditions improved.
    • People traumatized by disasters have psychosocial support.
    • People affected by conflict and humanitarian disasters are empowered to respond effectively to and manage crises.
    • Dialogue between Christians and Muslims and joint activities contribute to peaceful coexistence.
    • Social leaders become drivers of reconciliation and positive social change.
    • Women and youth have access to basic education and vocational training so that their social and economic role is strengthened.
    • The entrepreneurial skills of vulnerable people are strengthened and secured through start-up funding.
    • Natural resources are used sustainably and efficiently and the environment is protected from pollution.
    • The competence of the partner organizations is strengthened and the quality and results of the projects they are responsible for are improved.

    On site

    Since October 2015, Dr. Yakubu Joseph, a trained sociologist and peace researcher, has been working as Mission 21's country coordinator in Nigeria. His tasks as country coordinator include accompanying and providing technical support to partner organizations and networking with local actors. In addition, Dr. Joseph is responsible for quality assurance in the field and advises Mission 21 partner organizations in Africa in the areas of peacebuilding and security.



    • 219 million inhabitants
    • 8.3 million people need humanitarian aid
    • Ranked 161 out of 188 on the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI).

    Program budget 2024

    CHF 746'106


    Jacqueline Brunner

    Responsible Church Partnerships

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    csm angelika weber bd226cb937

    Angelika Weber

    Program manager Cameroon and Nigeria
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 65
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