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    Program development and coordination in Tanzania

    Project Number: 186.1005

    Mission 21 maintains relationships with two large churches in Tanzania and supports numerous individual projects in an extensive program to promote education, livelihoods and health. A coordination office headed by anthropologist and health expert Adrienne Sweetman ensures that the diverse social activities of our partner churches have a broad impact. Closely linked to this is what is known as "capacity development." This supports the partner churches in fulfilling their tasks independently and autonomously.

    Background information

    The southwest of Tanzania is a very rural region characterized by great poverty. 80 percent of the population live as farmers. Their produce is usually only enough to ensure their own food supply. Very few farmers generate sufficient financial income from agriculture. Mission 21's two partner churches, the Southwest Province and the South Province of the Moravian Church of the Herrnhut Brethren in Tanzania, have a strong social commitment in this region. In addition to various educational institutions, they maintain hospitals and extensive orphanage, women's and HIV projects. A university in Mbeya, which belongs to the church, is responsible for the academic education and further training of specialists. Mission 21 makes an important contribution to this work through its local coordination office. The anthropologist and health expert Adrienne Sweetman strengthens the skills of those responsible for the projects and the partner organizations as a whole. She helps with networking and forms a bridge between the local actors and Mission 21 in Basel. The office coordinates comprehensive training and development activities, including a scholarship program. Through the work of the coordination office, important networks can be established in Tanzania with actors outside our partner organizations. They promote mutual learning and exchange processes and enable synergies in joint work. 

    Project goals

    The coordinator has a bridging function between the partner organizations in Tanzania and Mission 21 in Basel. The main objectives are to ensure the flow of information, program management and networking. One focus of the work is capacity development of the partners. This strengthens the human and institutional capacities of our Tanzanian partner organizations.

    Target group

    Project officers and leaders of the Moravian Church in Tanzania (Southwest and Southern Province).



    • Representation of Mission 21 in Tanzania and maintenance of partner relations
    • Program management with a focus on impact orientation and sustainability
    • Coordination of measures for organizational and personnel development in our partner organizations
    • Maintaining contacts and networking with other local development cooperation organizations
    • Promoting networking and cooperation among partner organizations as well as periodic exchange of knowledge and experience
    • Participate in public relations, advocacy, and fundraising activities.   

    Capacity Development:

    • Specialized further training in the field of project management for those responsible for development projects
    • Management training for members of church leaderships
    • Individual Scholarships
    • Good governance/anti-corruption training
    • Networking meetings of different actors

    Project progress

    Promoting the skills of staff in projects in Tanzania is an integral part of Mission 21's work. Training, further education and scholarships help to ensure that projects and institutions can work sustainably and effectively. The local coordination office makes a major contribution to this. Adrienne Sweetman accompanies the partner organizations very closely, advises project leaders and implements impact-oriented program management. An important aspect of this is the promotion of the exchange of experience and the development of national and international networks. Her contribution to the development of an inclusive program in which people with and without disabilities have equal access to project activities is very central.



    • 61.74 million inhabitants
    • Land area of 945,203 km²

    Project budget 2024

    CHF 175'375


    mg 9086 4

    Adrienne Sweetman

    Coordinator Tanzania


    Jacqueline Brunner

    Responsible church partnerships;
    Responsible legacies and bequests

    Tel. 061 260 23 37
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    Johannes Klemm

    Team Leader Africa and Program Manager Tanzania
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 23 04
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