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Mission 21 is committed to helping people on the margins of society in southwestern Tanzania. In remote places where state welfare is not effective, our partner churches run projects to fight poverty. The focus is on education and health.

Schools and hospitals

Mission 21 cooperates in its projects in Tanzania with the Southern Province and the Southwestern Province of the Moravian Church. With Mission 21's support, the churches operate hospitals, theological training centers and vocational schools. A solid education is the key to a better future for the young generation in Tanzania. It enables a way out of poverty, which still affects the majority of people in Tanzania.

Education for orphans

Mission 21 supports its partner churches in providing better education for disadvantaged groups. For example, there is an extensive program to support women and orphans.

Fight against HIV

A major challenge is the spread of the HIV virus. In some places in the Mbeya region, one in five people lives with HIV, and countless orphans are left to fend for themselves. Mission 21 and its Tanzanian partner churches are particularly committed to ensuring that even more orphans receive comprehensive schooling and vocational training and are given psychosocial support by well-trained church workers. In addition, there is an extensive program for the prevention of new HIV infections and the accompaniment of sufferers through self-help groups.

Johannes Klemm

Team Leader Africa and Program Manager Tanzania
Tel: +41 (0)61 260 23 04
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Adrienne Sweetman

Coordinator Tanzania

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