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Growing of seedlings in a nursery by the development program of "EYN" and NGO "aspronmer". project no.: 162.1030.

Our partners in Nigeria grow tree seedlings: for reforestation and so that people can use the trees sustainably. Photo: Mathias Waldmeyer/Mission 21.

What can churches and faith-based organizations contribute to ensure that Switzerland actually meets the target of the Climate Protection Act by 2050, namely to emit no more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? The newspaper asks reformed. in its full-page front article in the July issue on Switzerland's "Yes" to climate protection - Mission 21 is also interviewed.

Net zero by 2050: Converting energy production so that no more greenhouse gases are emitted into the air from Switzerland by 37 years from now. To achieve this, almost 60 percent of Swiss voters said yes to the Climate Protection Act on June 18. What can churches and faith-based organizations now contribute to achieving this goal? And what does the decision mean for the countries of the Global South and for us? These were the questions posed by the newspaper reformed. also Mission 21.

She is "relieved but not happy". That's what Katharina Gfeller, Head of International Relations at Mission 21, says in the Reformed article. It is important to reduce the consumption of gas, oil and coal in Switzerland so that less CO2 is released into the atmosphere. In addition, he said, effective efforts must be made to combat climate change worldwide. "We have to work for this beyond our borders."

"Sensitivity to rethinking is increasing".

Last winter in Peru, Katharina Gfeller experienced in an impressive way that climate change is robbing people of their livelihoods. A month-long drought led to bush fires, triggered a major livestock die-off, and poverty and hunger spread. Mission 21 is providing education on agroecological methods in Peru and Bolivia to enable people to cultivate their land sustainably and thus counter the effects of climate change.

The countries that are particularly affected by climate change need international support, says Gfeller. She hopes that everyone in Switzerland will critically question their consumption and their form of mobility and take responsibility. The Yes vote on June 18 is a sign of this, she says: "Sensitivity to rethinking is definitely increasing."

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