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    Education for social change in Nigeria

    Project Number: 162.1006

    The EYN, Mission 21's partner church, operates theological training centers that address current challenges facing the population, such as the effects of climate change or interreligious conflicts. Mission 21 supports EYN in providing comprehensive education to theology students and community leaders so that they can drive positive change in society.

    Background information

    The population in Nigeria has to withstand numerous challenges. In the northeast, armed groups such as the Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram threaten the people with violence and destruction. The people affected by this are traumatized and the relationship between Christians and Muslims is permanently disturbed. In addition, social, economic and environmental problems such as the structural discrimination of women due to the patriarchal society, the low level of education, widespread poverty, climate change and its effects, and the unsustainable use of natural resources pose major challenges to the people in the northeast of the country. The Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) is countering this in various ways. Because of their wide distribution and high social position, pastors and leadership figures in the church have an important role to play in social change. Socially relevant issues can be addressed by progressive and trained pastors and church members within church congregations and village communities. A key role in dealing with these issues is played by religious institutions such as EYN's Theological Education by Extension (TEE). Here, students and pastors receive contextual theological education and training opportunities where social and environmental developments and problems are critically reflected upon, relevant questions are answered, and people are empowered to actively contribute to solving these problems. Topics covered include, for example, sexual and gender-based violence, gender justice, human rights, peace and justice, forgiveness and reconciliation, mental health, political and social engagement, diversity and community, and also environmental protection.

    Project goals

    The project contributes contextual theological education to help pastors and theology students become drivers of positive change in the church and society:

    • Theology majors possess the necessary knowledge in contextual theology and social issues of focus and are empowered to reflect critically on religious and social issues and to advance solutions to social problems.
    • Theology students and staff at EYN are aware of and can apply environmental protection and sustainable methods and practices.

    Target group

    The target group of the project are primarily theology students of the TEE training center, who are young professionals of the church, as well as pastors and leading staff of the EYN.


    • To promote holistic and contextual academic formation for students of theology and future pastors.
    • Further development and production of theological and socially relevant educational material.
    • Incorporating socially relevant issues into the education of theology students.

    Project progress

    EYN's non-academic TEE program has a particular strength in translating the topics covered into the everyday practice of the course participants. Gender equality and ecological projects such as tree planting are just two of the many topics covered in the project. The success of the project is reflected in the steadily growing interest of the target population. Practical course elements in particular, for example the construction of resource-saving cooking stoves or the production of charcoal from biological waste, also arouse the interest of Muslim neighbors, which in turn promotes interreligious dialogue.

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    • 219 million inhabitants
    • 2.54 million people displaced by Boko Haram violence
    • 47 % of the population are Christian

    Project budget 2024

    CHF 34'500


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