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    Interfaith Peacebuilding in Nigeria

    Project Number: 162.1007

    Peace work in Nigeria is needed more urgently than ever. Terror by the Islamist organization Boko Haram in the northeast and violent conflicts between various religious groups in central Nigeria have brought suffering to millions of people and permanently disrupted the relationship between Christians and Muslims throughout the country. For this reason, Mission 21 and its partners are driving peacebuilding through the development of interfaith dialogue forums, awareness campaigns, interfaith vocational training, psychosocial accompaniment for victims of conflict, and peacebuilding training.

    Background information

    Since 2009, the Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram has been terrorizing northeastern Nigeria with violent attacks, kidnappings and bombings. In addition, violent clashes between Fulani militants and sedentary farmers in central Nigeria, which have been going on since the 1990s, continue to flare up. These two sources of conflict have had a massive impact on the relationship between Christians and Muslims throughout the country. In the course of the conflicts, many people have lost friends and family members or even experienced violence themselves and are traumatized. The anger over what has happened, the insecurity and the mistrust among the population toward other ethnic and religious groups are correspondingly great. The situation is further exacerbated by the poor economic situation and political power struggles in the country. Under these challenging circumstances, Mission 21 and its partners promote dialogue between people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds in order to facilitate peaceful coexistence. It also trains the population in conflict prevention and non-violent conflict management. It supports conflict-affected and traumatized people, especially young people and widowed women, by providing vocational training in religiously and ethnically mixed groups and psychosocial support.

    Project goals

    • Interreligious, interethnic and intercultural dialogue is promoted and improves mutual understanding, social cohesion and the peaceful coexistence of society.
    • Society is sensitized to interethnic and interreligious violence and conflict through advocacy campaigns.
    • Key members of society, such as pastors or organizational staff, are trained in peacebuilding and nonviolent conflict transformation.
    • Trained peace workers and leaders act as bridge builders in the community.
    • People affected by conflict and sexual/gender-based violence are empowered in the long term through psychosocial support.

    Target group

    • Persons of Christian and Muslim faiths.
    • Religious dignitaries, faith communities, and community leaders.
    • People who work for social interaction and peaceful coexistence of society.
    • People directly affected by the violent conflicts in northeast and central Nigeria, especially widows and youth from affected regions.


    • Establish Christian-Muslim dialogue forums with peacebuilding and bridge-building activities between social groups.
    • Awareness campaigns on peaceful coexistence.
    • Advocacy for reconciliation and restorative justice through the Restorative Justice Initiative.
    • Training in forgiveness, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, nonviolent conflict resolution, social cohesion, early signals of conflict, and conflict tracking and reporting.
    • Interfaith professional trainings and interfaith and interethnic support groups.
    • Psychosocial accompaniment of victims of the conflicts by trained volunteers.

    Project progress

    Also in 2021, interfaith groups of youths and widows, a total of 78 people who were victims of the violent clashes in Plateau State, were able to attend training together, during which they were sensitized to peaceful coexistence between different ethnic and religious groups. In October 2021, another one-month course was also held at the Peace Training Centre (PTC) in Jos for peace builders and bridge builders. As part of the newly launched "Restorative Justice" initiative, a conference was organized and key persons from the judiciary and administration as well as from various peacebuilding organizations were brought together to jointly find a way out of the spiral of violence in Plateau State.



    • 219 million inhabitants
    • 47% Christians
    • 52% Muslim women and Muslims

    Project budget 2024

    CHF 63'250


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    Angelika Weber

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