Motivated bazaar women on weekday in Aargau

The workday is an opportunity to get new craft ideas for the bazaar. Photo: Christine Lehni

The working days of Mission 21 and its partners take place from January to March each year. Ideas for the courses are gathered by women from the working groups of the cantons of Bern, Zurich and Aargau under the leadership of Christine Lehni from Mission 21. The cantons decide independently on the courses to be offered. It is also possible to attend the courses in another canton.

The wire figure course at the workday in Oberentfelden turned out to be a "big hit". Various techniques enable the creative creation of enchanting motifs, which could then be admired at the end of the day. Furthermore, fashionable wrap-around bracelets were knotted with beads, cards were designed with a folding technique that surprises wonderfully when the card is opened, and useful workpieces were sewn from the special SnapPap material.


In between, one could buy handicraft items from all over the world at the stand of "Mercifair". These goods can also be ordered for sale at bazaars, or selected and picked up in Basel itself.

Working and communicative atmosphere

Motivated and strengthened by the great works created and the communal exchange on this warming day, the women take the ideas to their communities, where hopefully successful bazaars and attractive sales booths will result.

Culinarily we were spoiled with Gschwellti, cheese and salad, the traditional lunch at the Wärchtage in Aargau, afterwards a refreshing berry dessert was served. Throughout the day there was a busy atmosphere and the women exchanged tips and ideas among themselves from the bazaar groups.


Rev. Peter Hediger welcomed us with a short introduction of the parish of Oberentfelden, motivating words and the song: "Wir wolln uns gern wagen...." by Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. Judith Gysi, responsible for Worldwide Church of the Cantonal Church, thanked the women for their commitment and encouraged them to find creative ways for the bazaar work.

Many thanks to the course leaders, and to the organizer from Mission 21 and the Aargauer Wärchtags team, as well as to the host church, which spoiled us with a wonderful cake buffet at the end.

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