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    Capacity development: Strengthened partners in Nigeria

    Project Number: 162.1011

    Mission 21 has been running development cooperation projects in Nigeria for 60 years. In recent years, peacebuilding and humanitarian aid have been added. The projects are launched and implemented by local partner organizations. To implement the projects effectively and efficiently, the partners need well-trained staff. Mission 21 supports the development of the skills of project managers and staff as well as the development of the partner organizations as a whole through targeted training and further education.

    Background information

    Together with its partner organizations, Mission 21 carries out projects in development cooperation, humanitarian aid and peacebuilding. Qualified personnel and functioning organizational structures are the main prerequisites for implementing projects efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with international standards, while addressing social challenges and reaching those in need. To this end, Mission 21 supports its partners through the targeted development of the skills of managers and staff of the various projects, as well as the partner organizations as a whole. This is done through a wide range of workshops on topics relevant to the project context, such as security, conflict sensitivity or human rights; training in project management and impact measurement, but also workshops in organizationally relevant topics such as leadership skills, accounting, and human resource management or support in the development of codes of conduct.

    Project goals

    • The quality and effectiveness of projects implemented in northeast and central Nigeria has improved.
    • Partner organizations have the ability to independently develop, plan, implement and monitor sustainable and impactful projects.
    • The project managers and staff work efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner.
    • The internal structures of the partner organizations have been strengthened and meet international standards.

    Target group

    The target group of the project consists of seven partner organizations of Mission 21 (see right column) and their project managers. Additional target groups are other partner organizations of Mission 21 in Africa, which are open to thematic advice on the topics of peacebuilding and humanitarian aid.


    • Workshops on human rights.
    • Workshops on risk and security management, conflict sensitivity and gender equality.
    • Workshops on the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.
    • Workshops on leadership skills, human resource management and human resources, and finance and accounting.
    • Workshops for religious actors regarding their role as positive "agents of change" in society.
    • Assist in the development of a code of conduct and policies regarding sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH) prevention and child protection.
    • Trainings for professional development, planning, implementation and monitoring of projects.
    • Trainings in writing project proposals and reports.
    • Training in subject-specific topics that are relevant to specific projects and strengthen the partner organizations as a whole.

    Project progress

    Particularly in the current conflict situation in the project regions, it is important to have reliable and competent partners on the ground so that new challenges can be responded to jointly and flexibly. Together with external experts, the coordination office supports partner organizations and their employees in projects by specifically promoting their skills. In 2021, for example, all partners benefited from training in the recycling of biodegradable waste through the production of charcoal. Among other things, this counteracts the heavy deforestation in the project areas for firewood and can have a positive impact on the entire region and the society living in it through step-down training. During the annual reporting workshop, all project managers were also trained in reporting and impact measurement to ensure that international standards are met.



    • 219 million inhabitants
    • Ranked 161 out of 188 on the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI).
    • 55.75 years average life expectancy

    Project budget 2024

    CHF 51'750


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